Historical\Artistic tour

The power of fantasy: the genius of Giulio Romano

Historical\Artistic tour

90 € schools - 100 € adults

1 hour and 30 minutes

30 people maximum per visit

Visit to Palazzo Te

Palazzo Te, Giulio Romano's masterpiece, was built as a vacation house for Duke Federico The Second Gonzaga.
Giulio Romano, Raphael's favourite pupil, unfolds his innovative and great talent for architecture through the decorations and the frescoes, creating something that vastly influenced the European art during the XVIth century.
The most famous rooms are: the Room of the Giants with the frescoes picturing the Gods watching the Titans' fall from the top of the Mount Olympus, the room of Cupid and Psyche dedicated to Eros triumph and the Horses' Room where you'll admire the beautiful family steers.


When:From Monday to Sunday all year long.
Languages:Italian, English, French, German, Spanish
Included:Tickets and booking against payment