Parlors and Nobility


110 € Schools - 125 € Adults

2 hours

25 people maximum per visit

Visit to Palazzo D'Arco and the main sites of the 18th century in Mantua.

After the great sack of 1630 and the Gonzagas' fall, the passage under the Austrian government allows the city economical and cultural rebirth. The furniture of Palazzo d'Arco is a neoclassical triumph in this palace owned by one of the most influent families during the XVIIIth century in Mantua, while the baroque style of Anton Galli Bibiena, is the  mark of the fantastic  Scientific Theater. (Palazzo d'Arco, Palazzo degli Studi, Biblioteca Teresiana, Scientific Theatre and  Virgilian Academy)


When:From Tuesday to Sunday since March until January
Route:Palazzo d'Arco and the Scientific Theatre
Languages:Italian, English, French, Spanish, German
Excluded:For Palazzo d'Arco and the Scientific Theatre tickets and bookings against payment. Reductions and gratuities are foreseen.