Matilde of Canossa and her Factory of prayers: Saint Benedict Abbey


110 € Schools - 125 € Adults

2 Hours

30 people maximum per visit

Visit to Saint Benedict Abbey in Polirone.

Within the heart of the Mantuan plain the Abbey of San Benedetto Po is placed, built thanks to Tebaldo di Canossa, grandfather of the famous Matilde. We'll discover the passing of time inside the monastery through the monks discipline, their habits and how they guarded, copied and made the ancient knowledge be immortal.  The main subject of the itinerary is the evolution in space and time of a millenium in this important christian abbatial community, one of the biggest in Medieval Italy.


When:From Tuesday to Sunday since March until December
Languages:Italian, English, French, German, Spanish
Excluded:Saint Benedict Abbey in Polirone: ticket and booking against payment. Reductions and gratuities are foreseen.