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    Guided tour of Te Palace
    Medieval time in Mantua

    Richeldina and the other wives of Luigi I Gonzaga

    Everyone knows Luigi I Gonzaga, his conquest of Mantua and the consequent expulsion of the Bonacolsi. But few remember the names of his wives.

    The first wife was Richilda Ramberti called la Brescianina (in the image) because she was originally from Brescia. She married Luigi when the Bonacolsi were still ruling in Mantua and died in 1319, still under their dominion. The Ramberti were a noble Ghibelline family. Richilda was the daughter of the leader Ramberto Ramberti, mayor of Modena on behalf of the Bonacolsi. Luigi's second wife was Caterina Malatesta, also the daughter of a leader, Pandolfo I Malatesta, and Taddea, lords of Rimini. She died in Mantua in 1340.The third and last wife was Giovanna Novella Malaspina nicknamed Franceschina. Daughter of the leader Spinetta Malaspina known as the Great, Marquis of Verrucola, she died in Mantua in 1385.